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On January 23rd we held an Educational Open House for Mattawan Elementary students from Mrs. Omo's classroom and Mrs. Miller's classroom.  Approximately 45 students who were accompanied by their parents and siblings attended the Open house.  They were split into groups and each group rotated through 3 stations set up throughout our clinic.  There was a station set up in our surgical suite where students learned about anesthesia monitoring, surgical scrubbing, different suture techniques, how we perform a physical exam on a pet and how to brush their pet's teeth.  Another station allowed students to view x-rays to learn about anatomy.  They identified organs and learned what role each organ plays in our body.  They also viewed video and pictures as well as looking through microscopes to identify different internal and external parasites.  The third station demonstrated different bandaging and casting techniques for injured animals.  Students brought their favorite stuffed animals to this station where they were taught how to bandage their injuries.  The last station presented some examples of safe dog toys and dangerous dog toys and taught students how to prevent their pets from getting sick from ingesting their toys.  This station also introduced students to some exotic pets.  The children were able to pet a snake, turtle, ferret, guinea pig and a hyacinth macaw.  Click the "Student Open House" link in the upper left hand corner of this page to see pictures from the student visit.