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The doctors and staff of the Paw Paw Veterinary Clinic would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us to care for your pet(s).  To help us better serve your needs and continue to improve the quality of care that we provide; please take a moment to fill out this questionnaire.  To return the form to us, simply press the "submit" button at the end of the questionnaire and it will be automatically delivered to the clinic.

Client Feedback

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When calling our office:
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Was our staff polite and helpful? :
Were your questions answered to your satisfaction? :
Were you able to get an appointment as promptly as you would like? :
When you arrive at our office:
Is the parking lot clean? :
Are you greeted warmly by our receptionist? :
Is your appointment acknowledged? :
Is our waiting room comfortable and clean? :
Does your wait for the doctor seem adequate? :
Our staff:
Is our staff courteous and helpful? :
Are they neat in appearance? :
Are they professional in manner and appearance? :
Do they have a thorough knowledge of products and procedures? :
Are they able to answer your questions to your satisfaction? :
Do you feel our staff is adequately trained to handle your pets? :
Our veterinarians:
Are they courteous and helpful? :
Are they professional in manner and appearance? :
Are our veterinarians genuinely concerned with your pet's health? :
Do they explain your pet's problem clearly/completely? :
Do they take time to answer your questions? :
Do you feel your pet(s) receive quality, professional health care? :
After visit care:
If your pet was hospitalized, did the stay seem reasonable for the illness? :
After hospital stay, was your pet returned to you clean? :
Upon release of your pet, are you given instructions on handling, feeding, and further treatment? :
Our fees:
Was our payment policy clearly communicated to you? :
Was the billing presented in adequate detail? :
Did you understand your fees? :
Do you feel our fees are reasonable? :
How did you first hear of our hospital?

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